Materials used for your custom home.

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  • Custom mill work with custom cabinetry.
  • Granite countertops
  • Marble and hardwood flooring.
  • With our custom homes, you will be able to choose the styles and color for most of the interior finishings.

  • We only use premium BC Lumber
  • Quality lumber means faster construction straighter walls, better and cheaper finishing work, less waste
  • High quality structural plywood for sheathing exterior walls, and for flooring.
  • By using quality products, surfaces will be much stronger. The surfaces will be better suited for installing and finishing drywall. Flooring materials and installation will also benefit from the use of these quality products.

Quality windows and exterior doors with outstanding warranties, manufactured to our specifications by national suppliers will be used in your home. We select these key products for the following attributes:

  • energy efficiency
  • low maintenance
  • high performance
  • exceptional value

We use pre manufactured truss roofing systems for quality and efficiency in construction time.

We also specialize in:

  • cathedral ceilings
  • unique vaulted areas
  • flat ceilings and drop ceilings at a variety of heights
  • custom skylights and solar panel placements

Bright Coast Homes customers benefit from brand name suppliers who have a proven track record of servicing products in the field.
Our new homes are also covered by National Home Warranty's 2-5-10 year new home coverage.
Inspections are also done by both National Home Warranty and by the Municipal Residential Home Inspectors.

This initial meeting covers the type of home you are interested in building. We can go over a general overview of the construction process along with information on types of materials used.

Advice will be given on the type of structural materials that give you the best result based on building location and climate, as well as your personal preferences.

We will help you in the planning stages of your custom home package.

This free consultation will give you adequate information on what type of budget will be needed to complete your home construction.

Contact a Bright Coast Home Ltd. representative at *contact@brightcoasthomes.com to book a meeting today.


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