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Getting started is quite simple, it just takes a little bit of imagination. You can draw a sketch of how you would like your house to look. Otherwise you can also drive around town and take photos of the exterior of houses you like. Our architect can design just about any type of house you can think of.  If you need some design ideas and samples , our construction managers will gladly assist you. Below are some questions to help you get started with your custom home.
            1. How many stories in your house?
            2. How many bedrooms are you looking for?
            3. How many bathrooms?
            4. Would you like a 2-car garage or a 3-car garage? Do you want a laneway house?
            5. How many square feet for the new home?

By answering these questions, you will get a general idea of how your home will look like.  Once you have a general idea of the type of home to be built, the next step is deciding where you want to build, and how big of a lot will you need.

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